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Hair Extensions are a wonderful way to give yourself the hair you have always dreamed of! I just want to go over a few things before you reserve your Extension consultation. I am trained in the IBE Hand Tied method, and Tape In hair Extensions. We will go over in person what method would best suite you.


If you are a first time guest and you are looking to reserve a Hair Extension service for the first time, you will need to make your consultation reservations first so we can go over your desired length, thickness, color match, and price points. Price point can vary based on desired outcome. My base price starts at $550 for tap In's, and base price starts at $660 for Hand Tied, and go up. At this appointment we will order your hair extensions. It takes about 10 -14 days for the hair to come in. There will be a non refundable deposit fee due at this time. After the service is complete it is important that you pre book your move up appointment at the time of installation to ensure you get in at the proper time. This can be anywhere from 6 - 9weeks, I prefer to schedule 7 weeks out the first move up so we can see what will work better for you. Everyones hair grows differently. This service includes,

Hair Extensions, Extension installment, Custom Cut and Style.

Please be aware that this service can take anywhere from 2 - 5 hours so when reserving this service note the time and make sure you will be able to make this appointment with no interruptions. Also do not bring children to this appointment. Please come to your appointment with clean dry hair. I  do offer some snacks, I have a coffee bar, and some drinks options as well. There are many local near by restaurants  that conveniently deliver as well. 

 I look forward to working with you and giving you those lushes locks you have always wanted!

   - Kate Wilkinson


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